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Current Courses:

ETEC503 Print Design and Digital Photography in the Classroom

ETEC513 Integrating iPad Technology

Recent Courses:

ETEC523 Leadership in Educational Technology

ETEC534 Wearable Technology

ETEC512 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum

ETEC500 Foundations of Educational Technology

ETEC519 Google Apps for Education

ETEC527 Google Apps for the Classroom - Advanced

ETEC501 Media Literacy in the Classroom

ETEC511 Creating Websites for Teachers

ETEC580 Trends in Educational Technology

ETEC527 Google Apps for Education - Advanced

ETEC507 Web Based Lessons and Resources (ED7123)

ETEC516 Flipped Classroom

ETEC508 Digital Communications

ETEC510 Integrating Technology in Math Education

ED7055 Interactive WhiteBoards

ED7041 Internet as a Teaching Tool (Online)

ETEC509 Integrating Technology in Social Studies

ETEC505 Online Tools and Collaboration

ETEC602 Differentiating Instruction using Educational Technology (Hybrid)

ED7171 Integrating iMovie in the Classroom

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