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Internet Responsibility                                                                   Exit Survey

  • Child Safety Network  Provides numerous resources on Internet safety.
  • Cyberbully  Provides resources promoting safe and responsible Internet use.
  • Enough is Enough  Protecting children and families from the Internet dangers of pornography and sexual predators.
  • FBI  Online, downloadable Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety.
  •  "One click away" from the resources needed to make informed decisions about family use of the Internet.
  • i-SAFE, Inc.  To educate and empower youth to take safe and responsible control of their Internet experiences.
  • National Crime Prevention Council  Offers training, publications and technical assistance to schools and community organizations.
  • National Education Association Health Information Network  To help educators and parents learn more about the risks and opportunities of technology and to better guide young teens in using social technology and safely navigating their digital world.
  • Net Family News  Provides a forum for parents and offers resources, including a weekly newsletter, and links to numerous related sites.
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse  Provides practical tips to help people protect their privacy online.
  •  Website for parents and children to learn how to use the Internet safely.
  •  Website for parents and teens to learn how to use the Internet safely.
  • WiredSafety  Provides safety information for parents and children, as well as resources and online support to help parents keep their kids safe online.